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About the Moon


Since the dawn of time, our moon has been celebrated and worshipped in cultures across the globe, throughout all of history.

Whether you are a seasoned follower of moon cycles and rituals, have a deep connection or sensitivity to astrological patterns, or simply enjoy the soft comforting glow of that big old globe that hangs in our sky every night as the world turns, there is simply no denying the power of it.

You have only to consider the immense effect that it has on our planet.

Literally moving the oceans, generating tides with its gravitational pull, from one side of the Earth to the other.

These pulls are at their strongest during 'Moon days' - full moons and new moons, so we can begin to understand where the focus on the cyclical nature and the 'strong energies' surrounding these peaks, become important.

The Moons gravitational pull, can even cause small ebbs and flows in the continents, called land tides, or solid Earth tides.


Given this information and the fact that our bodies are comprised of around 70% Water, the moons effect on us as humans certainly begs contemplation doesn't it!

Me? - I'm a 'dyed in the wool' Moonchild - always have been! - I am super sensitive to the energies surrounding moon days and often need to amplify my self care practices so settle myself over these times.

I also love nothing more than to indulge in moon rituals, manifesting, intention setting and all that Lunar Jazz!

I am firmly in the 'harness the power' of the moon camp, which is why you will find my offerings often centred around moon days.

If this all seems a little 'woo woo' to you, next time your feeling out of sorts, a little jittery or are having trouble sleeping, check whereabout the moon is in its cycle, you may be surprised!


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