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RETREAT - welcome to my retreat offerings beloved. If you have landed here, perhaps you are seeking a much needed space of rest and relaxation.

My day retreats offer this and so very much more. These days are my own blend of unique, and are a truly immersive and restorative dive into the deeper layers, via an expertly curated and gently guided  journey through several varied practices, each of which, will nudge us gently to soften more deeply into the next.

 Ceremony, meditation, breathwork, aromatherapy, movement, sound therapy, Yoga Nidra, and deep physical & emotional nourishment.

These days are like 'pressing pause' on our busy overstimulated lives, and allowing ourselves extended time for unfurling into the deep and subtle realms of our inner landscapes.

We work on our connection with our own vital life force and energy bodies, to descend incrementally more deeply into profound states of rest and relaxation, accessing a spacious, meditative mindplace.

A full day for YOU, to be nurtured, held, and welcomed in all of your glory - to be gently guided into a healing space of blissful calm.

Come love, get filled to the brim with love, softness, joy, and beautiful nutritionally rich feasting..


Sunday 29th October - 12pm - 4pm

Sunrise Studios - Potterspury

** Please note** All event tickets are Non refundable, due to the costs incurred ahead of time to run the events, please check you are able to make the date before booking your space, tickets can however be transferred to another person, or on occasion where appropriate, it may be possible to transfer to another event at the organisers discretion.

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