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' Radiantly Rested '

An act of radical self care, a deeply immersive personal container.

an exquisite 90(standard) or 120 minutes(deluxe) of divine, sacred nurture

Unfurl into a pristinely prepared nest of pure comfort, and immerse into a multi sensory journey to invite healing harmony to body, mind & spirit.

This personal container is an integration of my most treasured practices, utilising soothing herbal infusions, deep guided meditation, transformative breath work, aromatherapy, sound bath therapy, and luxurious hands on healing with the ancient Ayurvedic practice of an Indian head massage.

The long lasting benefits of a day retreat encapsulated into this  1 : 1 personal container.

I am so excited to bring this offering to you, as I open up my home for this unique, exclusive, one to one personalised container.

A finely tuned distillation of my favourite practices.

90 minutes devoted entirely to you, to luxuriate languorously in the healing and rejuvenating lands of profound relaxation.

All wrapped in the sweet ribbon of ritual & ceremony.

This is a luxurious sensory journey, to allow the tired mind to release into a healing state of sweet & effortless rest.


Divine comfort

Wholly and completely rest your bones.

I will prepare a space for you to be cocooned in a dream like fort of comfort, bolsters, blankets, cushions and eye pillows.

Carefully chosen musical frequencies will softly fill your ears, and the air will be aromatically dressed with the purest essential oils & luxury incense.

The Journey

We open the space with a ceremonial cup of sacred flower tea, a nervine tonic to gently begin the activation of the Parasympathetic nervous system, and allow us to drop into awareness.


We will take time to ensure your divine comfort before guiding you gently through a soft landing, we descend into a more focused and meditative state.

Deepening the experience further now as we shift into closed eye practices,  transformative aroma breath journey, and guided meditation where we will use intuitively chosen essential oil blends to support the journey..

In this softened state of awareness, with the option of a heated eye mask or a lavender eye pillow, you will receive the healing vibrational sound frequencies of Quartz crystal singing bowls alongside the cosmic shimmering vibrations of a sonic energy wind gong and other healing sounds.

The journey then culminates blissfully, with the most luxurious Ancient Ayurvedic practice of healing Indian head massage, using warmed carrier oils infused with nourishing essential oils to soothe the hair and scalp and nervous system.


These Blissful appointments will be on Tuesdays or Fridays only for now, starting at either 12:30pm or 1:00pm Please contact for availability.


 Standard 90 minute appointment only £88.88

Course of 4 £320.00 (must be used within 6 months)

Deluxe 120 minute appointment only £122.22

Course of 4 £440.00 (must be used within 6 months)


(Based in Towcester, Northants)

*********Please read for contraindication *************

This blissful experience includes the healing sound wave frequencies of Crystal singing bowls & sonic wind gong, these healing oscillations may affect some of the following.

There may also some cases where Indian head massage may not be suitable or may need to be modified, please read all of the below.

Please let me know prior to treatment, if any of the following are applicable, and I will modify the treatment as necessary.

• pregnancy 

• epilepsy 

• metal plates inc. plates, pins, pacemakers, cochlear implants.

• PTSD, or any severe / clinical mental health disorder.

• DBS device fitted 

Contraindications for Indian head massage

•  first trimester of pregnancy.

  • high temperature or fever.

  • acute infectious disease.

  • skin infections on the head, neck or shoulders.

  • recent haemorrhage.

  • recent head, shoulder or neck injury.

  • recent surgery.

  • severe circulatory disorder.

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