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A forgotten Pillar of Health

Our breath, our most basic biological function, is actually one of our most powerful health tools.

An autonomic function which happens on average 25,000 times a day, which few of us pay much attention to, and few of us do particularly well.

This beautiful gift, is so much more than simply a vessel for delivering oxygen into our systems.

My own journey into breathwork has been profoundly supportive for me in so many ways, both emotionally and physically.

By practicing and mastering our breath with specific exercises, we can elicit a powerful response in our nervous systems, soothing anxiety, improving our stress response, tap into energy, improve sleep, digestion, lung strength and capacity, immunity and our wellness in general.!

We blend these ancient practices with modern scientific research, to really learn how to use the breath as a tool for transformation. 

 These sessions when booked as one to ones will be tailored to your specific needs, can be booked as a one off or as a package.

They can be booked as Simply breathwork, or they can be booked as an aroma-breath session, where we invite in the magic of the plant kingdom by weaving in the purest essential oils.


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