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To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders...

- Lao Tzu


Our modern day world and busy lives, can make it feel almost impossible to find true moments of stillness.

But it has never been so important for us to find ways to soothe our systems - and Meditation for me is at the very core of this, in fact over the years it has become the very root of my health and wellbeing, I became a certified meditation teacher so that I could be a guide for others to gain the same beautiful benefits which I found for my own health by practicing meditation, to make this accessible..

Consistently coming into extended moments of peaceful, tranquility is one of the most important things we can do for not just our emotional & spiritual wellbeing, but for our Physical health too.

As we liberate the energy being utilised by the body systems in trying to deal with chronic stress states, we allow our bodies natural regenerative and detoxification processes the time needed to work efficiently.


And with consistent practice we actually begin to reprogram our neural pathways making long lasting changes to our mindset.


Developing this practice is a truly precious gift for your Mind, body & soul. 

Allow me to guide you through 60 minutes of time carved out for you to find your still point.

Whether you wish to be guided through a program to cultivate your practice, or simply immerse yourself in a restorative 60 minutes of bliss, your needs are catered for here.

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