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Cacao Ceremonies


Cacao ceremony is a truly beautiful way to connect, and to deepen any meditation, contemplation or mindful moment.

Coming together to share in this beautiful plant medicine can be a really powerful experience.

These ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous tribes, living in reverence for and in deep connection with Mother Nature and the innate wisdom of the plant kingdom.

A relatively new concept in the West, and one I am supremely grateful for..

Simply coming together, with intention, in peace and gratitude and sipping this dark and sumptuous elixir, is the most nourishing experience.

So what is Ceremonial Cacao?

A world away from the vastly adulterated 'chocolate' we see on our Supermarket shelves, Ceremonial grade cacao is a pure, potent, gentle,  plant medicine.

On a physical / scientific level, it contains many health giving compounds, and is known to boost energy, lift mood, improve focus & calm the nervous system.

Theobromine (the more gentle cousin of caffeine) is a vasodilator, which means that the flow of your blood, life force and digestion are improved, and also Cacao famously promotes feelings of bliss -  due to its containing Anandamide, a neurotransmitter present in our brains, nick named the 'Bliss molecule'.

On a more energetic level, (which in honesty is where my deepest relationship with Cacao lays) you will find that Cacao really opens up your heart-space, opens your mind and helps you to connect to your innate wisdom.

It's a beautiful way to connect with Mother Nature and our plant kin.

Personally I find drinking ceremonial Cacao to be a deeply profound spiritual practice.

After mindfully consuming it,  I typically feel joyful and loving, deeply connected to life and my creative flow feels boundless,  it seems to playfully amplify everything, which means that any mindful practice following on afterwards feels sprinkled with just a little more magic.

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