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29.10.23 - 12pm-4pm

Sunrise Studios Potterspury

Join us for an afternoon to reconnect in with the sacred peaceful joy of our primal essence.

Leave the busyness of the everyday world behind for an afternoon to be lovingly guided through deeply restorative energy practices, to rejuvenate & regulate or nervous systems while we create a deeper connection with our true Primal state.

Our 'sacred essence', or 'true self' the essence of our being which exists underneath the noise of the over thinking mind, the sacred essence is the thread which connects all of creation & all experience.

An afternoon curated for you by expert practitioners

We will be moving through several different practices, each with a potency of their own, each one designed with the intention of supporting us to unfurl sweetly into the next.


with sacred essence.


It is of utmost importance to me to uphold a deep level of connection to the Great Mother within the spaces I hold, and so most of my events are created to land on or around potently energetic days on the turning of the wheel.

For this powerful day we will be immersed in the liminal energies of Samhain portal, (the origin of what we now know as Hallows eve).

An ancient Pagan festival, which marks the midway point between the Autumn Equinox & winter solstice.

A threshold in the seasons, as we mark the end of harvests & welcome in the darker months

So we lean into the magic of this threshold, with a day of powerful practices:

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We begin with a gentle qigong & Breathwork practice to open the flow of our energetic fields.

Followed with a sitting in a meditative ceremony with sacred cacao, this gentle plant medicine will support our journey and help to open our heart spaces and a sense of loving awareness.

Lucie, our wonderful guest facilitator and expert in African drum circles will guide us through a session connecting with the magic of the drums. (Lucie has studied African drumming with the late renowned djembafola (drum master) Mamady Keita in London, and then continued her journey in Senegal with Landing Mane.

Lucie is a wonderful soul and is deeply passionate about the therapeutic and connecting qualities of drumming.

We then come to lay down, in a nest of bolsters and blankets we will enjoy guided tantric meditation,

the immerse ourselves in sacred sound bath, with crystal bowl &healing frequencies of crystal bowl and sonic wind gong.

The day will culminate with a closing fire ceremony.

£55.55 per ticket

Please feel free to reach out with any questions my loves, this will be a very special day and I can't wait to share it with you.

**All event tickets are non-refundable due to costs incurred ahead of time to run and plan the event, please check your re able to make the date before booking your space. Tickets however may be transferred to another person, or on occasion where appropriate, it may be possible to transfer to another event at the organisers discretion.**

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