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Sacred Essence Workshop

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An afternoon to reconnect in with the sacred peaceful joy of our primal essence.

Leave the busyness of the everyday world behind for a few hours, and be guided through deeply restorative energy practices to rejuvenate, regulate our nervous systems while we create a deeper connection with our true primal state.

Our sacred essence, or true self, the essence of our beings which exists underneath the noise of the over thinking mind.

This afternoon has been lovingly curated by expert practitioners.

We will be moving through several different practices, each with a potency of their own, each one designed with the intention supporting us to unfurl more sweetly into the next.

Order of the day.

• Gentle Qigong & breathwork practice to open the flow of our energetic field.

• Sacred Cacao ceremony.

• African drumming circle - guided by wonderful deeply experienced teacher Lucie.

• Guided Tantric meditation 

• Sacred sound healing.

• Closing fire ceremony.

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