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Sunday Night -

Slow Down Club

On-line deep relaxation Sessions, every 1st & 3rd Sunday evening of the Month.

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Welcome to Sunday Night Slow Down club - 

These sessions to be held on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month, will be deeply restorative immersions into profound states of relaxation - helping us gently to find the states of softness and tranquility of which we are all in need.

We come together via zoom, where I will guide us through 45-60 mins of sweet soft tranquility.

I will be using gentle mindfulness practices, such as Yoga-Nidra, Meditation or breathwork session, or a blend of all 3 - each class will be created with the intention to calm, soothe and regulate the nervous system in preparation for the week ahead.

These sessions are deeply soothing, and restorative.

When we come into these quiet practices, we are regulating our nervous systems, lowering the volume on the noise of our wildly sensory lives and accessing the treasures which lay within the stillness, the calm and quiet.

This is a journey to inner peace.

I felt called to create this container of calm, as an offering and antidote to "Sunday night Blues" after hearing from several clients about the difficulty in navigating this part of  the week, and the anxiety that it can raise for some of us.

So I have curated this space as a place to come, dissolve, tune in, drop out of states of fear and over thinking, and into a smoother and more quiet inner landscape.

Preparing the body for a more deep and restful sleep, and cultivating a softened state of peaceful serenity, from where we are more easily able to navigate our evening calmly, and indeed the week ahead, from a place of peaceful ease and grace.

Sessions will begin at 6pm and last 45-60 minutes each.

Starting on Sunday 03rd Oct

Investment £22.22 per month. 


Next 6 months scheduled sessions 2021/2


                                   SUNDAY 21ST


                                   SUNDAY 19TH

JANUARY 2022     - SUNDAY 09TH 

                                - SUNDAY 23RD


                               - SUNDAY 20TH

MARCH 2022       - SUNDAY 06TH

                               - SUNDAY 20TH

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