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Preorder forest Floor Rituals ‘RESTED SPIRIT’ room Spray.

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An sensory delight, aura mist / pillow / room spray to evoke a wonderful sense of calm to support a deep sense of rest and tranquility.

🌿 Every offering that is birthed in this Portal, is done so with the soft calm essence and wisdom of the 'Forest Floor' at its heart.

To evoke the comforting cloak of tranquility which enshrouds us as we enter the depths of the forest.

The remembering of our innate connection to this Earth, and to invite in the potent healing of Forest bathing into our homes.

​This small selection of etheric gifts, are soul centred in their nature, gifts to bring us closer to Spirit, to deepen our sense of self enquiry and imbue us with sweet soft serenity, a deeper connection to our inner bliss.

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