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how it works

Okay, so you are ready to make your lifestyle change, so what happens now?

firstly we arrange a convenient time to have your consultation.

during this consultation I can gain an understanding of your motives and goals, any worries that you may have, your state of health, your eating habits, your likes and dislikes, previous weight loss strategies (successful or otherwise) and anything else which you may want to discuss.

here we can ascertain which habits and behaviours are the most critical or detrimental in order to address these one at a time.

the purpose of this is for me to get a handle on the kind of coaching you need and what exactly you wish to gain from it, and also for us to begin building a trusting relationship, so that we can create a safe environment for you to promote the changes that you wish to make.

I will ask you to provide me with a comprehensive and honest food diary for 5 days as you are eating now, and also a list of foods, meals and snacks which you eat on a regular basis.

I would encourage you to be 100% honest with your diary, I am not here to judge you, I do need to know however see

what your real day to day eating habits are, so that I can properly assess them, it also helps me greatly with your food plan design, should you choose that option, as I can see what types of foods you actually enjoy! 

if you have chosen an inclusive plan, I will then create your 2 week plan. (this will usually be ready within 3 business days from consultation).

If you choose the basic consultation, don't worry, you will still have plenty of advise to take away with you.


Your plan will be e-mailed to you at your chosen address.

I will endeavour to create a plan for you which is full of food that is not only nutrient dense and well balanced, but delicious recipes that you will look forward to eating, complete with snacks and treats.

if there is anything you don't like on your plan then I will tweak it for you.

we will reassess your plan throughout the entire term of your booking and make any changes as necessary.

I will be supporting you throughout the length of your plan, any worries, niggles or questions (no matter how small or silly they may seem to you) just get in touch and I will answer them for you.

I will be giving gentle positive pressure and encouragement throughout and will offer motivation on days where you feel its needed.

what do I need from you??

the only things I need from you, are that you need to be ready and willing to make the changes required, and also to keep an open line of communication between us.

our collaboration is vital to your successfully optimising your health plan.

And lastly, you need to keep a comprehensive and honest food and beverage diary which I will need to assess each week.

so, its as simple as that - I look forward to working with you and helping you to become your heathiest happiest you!!

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