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Forest Floor sacred skincare rituals - and a look into why its better to cleanse with oils.

So my loves! as most of you will know by now, Forest Floor is being birthed, which is going to be a capsule for many things which for me, embody the sacred essence of the Forest - and the first thing to land here, is going to be my Luxury, face care ritual set. (more details to follow soon, and for now its all on my instagram squares)

This is going to be deeply nourishing and natural skincare, with it roots in ancient Ayurveda.

Made with a diverse blend of, of pure ingredients, sourced from exotic plant life, from all-over our beautiful Earth - prized for Millennia for their benefits,

The ethos, is that these enriching nutrient dense ingredients, will nurture and nourish our skin at a cellular level, while simultaneously, positively impacting our nervous system and mood, with the addition of the purest and most potent essential oils, the very essence of the plant, proven, not only to be powerfully healing for the skin, but also for our emotional health - what beautiful Alchemy.

Forest Bathing in skin care form, turning skin care into selfcare - inviting the wisdom of the plant kingdom, to nurture us on every level - skincare for mind, body & soul.

A skincare system designed to be a moment of ceremony, of ritual, a daily chance to slow down, to immerse in the the loving self care which we all need and deserve, all whilst getting that hydrated, dewy, glowy skin vibe!

ultimately, this skin-care ritual is made to evoke the nourishing cloak of calm tranquil nurture, which envelops me, when I stand barefoot in the Forest, connected to the Earth, to Mumma Nature.


I haven't released specific details of 'whats in the box' just yet (I wanted to wait for the arrival of labels and things so that the goods are fully dressed, when I reveal them to you) - but sooon! I promise.

What I CAN tell you, is that each and every ingredient is completely natural, and each bottle will be an oily treasure in its own right, each with its own skincare properties, energy and transmission.

The set will be a trio of carefully selected oil blends, plus some other treats, which I will divulge at a later date -

A Sunrise Cleansing oil.

A Sundown Cleansing oil.

A Beautifully hydrating face oil serum.

I know that many of us made the switch to the oil cleanse long ago, but, if there are any of you who feel a little skeptical, at the thought of using oils to clean your face, trust me, I was with you!

It may feel a little counter intuitive, when we have grown accustomed to our usual cleansers, but there really is a reason why, in Ayurveda the 'oil cleanse craze' is thousands of years old.

So, why cleanse with oils?

Oil is actually really effective at drawing out dirt and impurities, without stripping away the natural sebaceous layer, and allowing the microbiome of the skin to remain healthy.

Synthetic cleansers can often strip away our skins sebum, our natural hydration & protection barrier, leaving the skin vulnerable, whereas natural oils, are a much closer match to our skins outer layer, so we can wash away impurities, while maintaining the natural hydration of the skin.

I will be including a guide to making this a sweet ceremony of self care, in beautiful exchange with Mothers natures treasures.

But at the very basics of oil cleansing, we open the pores with warmth, massage our cleansing oil into the skin, and then remove the oil along with any impurities with a warm cloth.

And that is it for now shining ones!

I cant wait to bring more to you, keep a close eye on my instagram feed, and you can subscribe to my website to be the first to know, when this treasure trove of luxury will be available to you!!

For now - I send you oodles of Love - enjoy your weekend Xxx


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