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Healthy 'bounty' bites

Sorry it's taken so long!.....finally here is how to make the healthy alternative bounty bites


....If you like Coconut you're going to Love these!! they are way more filling than the sugar filled shop bought ones so you don't need as much...

So we all know that we need to cut down on our processed sugar intake, but that really doesn't mean that you have to go without delicious sweet treats.. this recipe is really simple and these will keep in the fridge for a few days.

These are also vegan treats! no dairy, no eggs and no gluten!

For the chocolate I have just melted some very strong high cacao content organic shop bought chocolate, but you could try making your own with coconut oil, cocoa butter, cacao powder and maple syrup.

I have included maple syrup or coconut blossom syrup in this recipe, but I personally don't put any in when I make these as I find the coconut sweet enough.

These are really versatile too, in some of these I added some blueberry powder, which was lovely, I've made them with almonds before too which was gorgeous!

its really simple.

you need some unsweetened dried coconut flakes and some coconut cream.

begin with 2 parts dried coconut flakes to 1 part cream and adjust as necessary.

Just pop the coconut flakes into a blender until you have an almost powdery consistency, then simply mix this with your coconut cream, a pinch of Himalayan rock salt (or a good rock salt) and a little maple syrup or coconut blossom syrup.

you should end up with a mouldable mixture, which you can now shape into balls, squares, bars...whatever you fancy!

pop these onto a baking sheet and leave in the fridge for half an hour or so.

You should now have some quite firm coconutty bars, ready to be covered in chocolate, so simply dip, roll, drizzle...use whichever means you prefer to give these beauties a good coating of chocolate, then simply pop them back into the fridge to set - it's advisable to use a baking sheet / greaseproof paper to prevent sticking.

You can scatter with crushed brazil nuts / pumpkin seeds / hazelnuts / cacao nibs - anything you fancy if you want to jazz them up a bit!

Half an hour later you should have your Bounty bites, ready to chomp on and enjoy..

These are fabulous for snacks, desserts or even a breakfast on the go..

share them,..... or scoff them all to yourself!..

I hope you enjoy this recipe, as always any feedback is welcome.

Much Love



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