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A winning wake up Matcha green smoothie!

Now this bad boy will help get you set up for the day!

it is smooth, sweet, creamy, filling, will keep you full for ages, and look!! just look how pretty!!

You may have noticed from the heading that one of the ingredients is matcha, this stuff in my book, possesses magical properties, it induces a state of calm wakefulness and alertness (as opposed to the jittery lift of the coffee bean).

Matcha tea is absolutely stuffed with antioxidants and the health benefits of adding it to your diet are fabulous, it's good for your metabolism too and also helps you to feel full.

it contains the compound 'l-theanine' which counteracts any jittery or anxious feelings associated with caffeine and the result for me is a little like switching my brain on!

now if you haven't yet come around to the idea of the green smoothie , this may just be the one to change your mind and get you to climb aboard the smoothie train!!...go onnn! give it a whirl!...

there does seem to be a pocket of folk, labouring under the impression, that we members of the 'green smoothie brigade' are (a) clinically insane or (b) posses the tastebuds of woodland creatures with a penchant for grassy goodness and a nice bit of bark.

usually neither of these are true!...usually..

all joking aside though, this one is a good , gentle, sweet tasting one, so if you find the idea of a green smoothie alarming, this could be worth a shot.

they really are a fabulous way to pack in an inordinate amount of nutrients into one quick to prepare and easy to consume meal.

you do need a half decent blender to get a good smooth consistency though.

this one contains:

-1 handful spinach

-1 small banana

-half and avocado

-1tsp matcha tea powder

-1 tbsp. unsweetened dried coconut flakes or a desert spoon of coconut butter.

-coconut milk drink as your liquid base - up to you how much!

-2 tbsp. apple juice

So just whack all this into a blender until you have a milkshake like consistency.

now for the topping! I used a coconut milk based yoghurt as I tend to choose dairy free where possible and it's also deliciously sweet, however a good organic greek yoghurt would work just as well.

then sprinkle over flaked almonds, or any smashed up nuts of your choice really and finish with a little sprinkle of cacao powder.

fancy jar and stripy straw are obviously optional, but I am a sucker for a bit of presentation!..

I hope that you enjoy this recipe!

much love... Claire xx

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