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Thai Salmon & Prawn Fishcakes with sweet potato, egg free & gluten free.

These little beauties are well worth a try!

punchy thai flavours, with that comforting stodgy fish cake feel without being too heavy.

the gorgeous freshness of the flavours in this, conjured images of fish restaurants in pretty little seaside towns, a nice chilled glass of a cotes de provence blush in hand...

I made do with some lemon water..but you get the gist!

I chopped my fish by hand as I love the bite of big chunks of prawn in this, but if you can't be bothered with that, you can always pop your fish into a blender before you cook it.

I really fancied fish cakes, but didn't fancy the breadcrumbs and I didn't have any eggs, so the fact that these turned out to be egg free & gluten free was kind of a happy accident!

.......(lots of my clients are gluten free, egg free, dairy free).

so here's the low down:

ingredients (makes 4 cakes)

- cooking rings for moulding

- 1 medium sweet potato (precooked - cut in half and roast for 25mins).

- 200g fresh raw king prawns (you could use precooked, defrosted etc.).

- 2 medium salmon fillets (wild caught, not farmed if possible).

- 1 red chilli.

- 1 stick lemongrass.

- 1-2 cloves garlic.

- half a thumb of fresh ginger.

- 2 spring onions - chopped

- large handful fresh coriander - chopped

- salt and pepper

- 1 tbsp. coconut oil

- a couple of good twists of lime

- sesame seeds for crust.

- rice flour - for thickening mixture

- a chia egg (1 spoon chia seeds mixed with 2 spoons water, pop it in the fridge for 20 mins and you get a gloopy gloop which can be used as a binding agent in place of an egg - and you get the added benefit of all the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals from the chia seeds)



- pre-heat your oven to a high heat 200 degrees celcius /400 Fahrenheit / gas mark 6.

-heat your oil in a heavy bottomed pan, finely chop your lemongrass, chilli, garlic, ginger and add to the oil to toast for a minute or 2, being careful not to burn.

- once the spices are releasing their fragrances add your chopped fish to the pan, combine with the spices and allow the salmon and prawns to cook through (probably 5-8 minutes).

- once your fish is looking cooked add your chopped cooked sweet potato to the pan, breaking down the chunks and combining with the fish, you can add a spoon of water here if the mixture becomes too dry.

- once your fish and potato are combined, add your seasoning, lime juice, spring onion, coriander and your chia egg.

- at this point if the mixture is wet, you can add rice flour a little at a time to bind, or if your mixture is too dry, add water a few drops at a time - you want it to be mouldable not falling apart, but not too sticky.

once your mixture is ready spoon into the cooking rings and push down to compact them (I would do this directly into your roasting tray / pan) and then add a layer of sesame seeds to the top, push them on gently to stick.

remove the cooking rings and put your fishcakes in your preheated oven for around 20 mins to brown and crust up a little.

et voila!! simple, healthy, no nonsense fish cakes!

I really hope you enjoy this recipe, as usual any feedback is welcomed!

Happy healthy eating to you!!

much love

Claire Xx

These little beauties are well worth a try!!

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