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Beautiful, beetroot, blueberry, coconut and pineapple Breakfast thickshake with a yoghurt and linsee

Hey everyone!! - it's another smoothie recipe ;-).

'a heart healthy, power packed jar of wonder!'

This one would be another decent 'entry level' smoothie if you haven't yet joined the breakfast smoothie movement! - it's mild, sweet and delicious.

obviously I only design recipes that are going to do your body loads of favours with their nutrient content, so i'm just going to talk a little about the goodies that are in this gorgeous purple powerhouse!

firstly beetroot - aside from being jam packed full of fabulous health giving vitamins and minerals -( vits a,b & c, folic acid, iron, fibre, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and nitrates) - studies have also shown that it can be helpful in athletic performance, helping to boost blood flow to the muscles and providing more economic oxygen consumption - so great if you are a runner or cyclist etc..

.....I always increase my beetroot intake to 'pink pee' levels on the approach to a race weekend - it helps that I love the stuff - but even if you're not that keen, the other ingredients in this completely knock out any earthy flavours.

blueberries - these famously fabulous little bombs of goodness are known for protecting the body's health - extremely rich in antioxidants, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

pineapple - these super sweet heroes also have a long list of health benefits, including their positive impact on respiratory health (pack this into your diet if you have a cough), circulation, the immune system, eye health and their anti inflammatory properties!

so.... all of this and more, packed into one delicious drink!.......what's not to love!

smoothie's are a great way to start your day, packing in fabulous nutrients early on will give you much better clarity and energy levels than sugary cereals or toast.

I topped this one with coconut milk yoghurt (i use coconut collaborative) and a hefty sprinkle of milled linseeds which are high in protein and omega oils.(I buy them premilled to save time, your body can't digest them properly when they're whole).

I always use this yoghurt as I love it, also because I don't like to eat a whole lot of dairy, but if you prefer a good greek yoghurt would work just as well!

when I have a breakfast smoothie like this, I don't get hungry for snacks mid morning, this will usually last me through until lunch!


- 2 medium cooked beets

-1 large handful blueberries

-2 slices or 1 large handful chopped pineapple (fresh or frozen)

-small handful of unsweetened coconut flakes

-approx. 200ml coconut milk drink (I like rude health)

whizz this all together until you have your desired consistency, you can add a little water if your prefer a runnier shake.

then add your chosen topper and slurp away!!

*tip* - take your time.......take at least as much time to drink this, as it would take you to eat these ingredients separately, your body won't thank you for chugging this down in 10 seconds. ;-).

I hope you enjoy this recipe.

please feel free to comment or let me know how you liked it.

much love

Claire Xx


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