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Join me loves for this expertly curated 5 day cleanse, detox, for Body, Mind & spirit.

We start as the Seasons begin their subtle shift and 'Imbolc' arrives with us on 1st Feb (the midway point between Yule winter solstice and Ostara, the Spring Equinox'.

At this potent energetic time on the turning of the great wheel, the seeds of Spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth, so our energies are much more aligned with a sense of inspiration, and vibrancy than at the start of the year, while the Earth is still very much in her deep winter pause - and as beings of this Earth, we naturally mirror the cycles and rhythms of nature.

So as we gently awaken from our winter slumber, this is the perfect time to reset the body, mind and spirit, readying ourselves for the seasons ahead.

Our clever bodies are constantly detoxifying for us - but we can lend

ourselves a huge helping hand, by helping to lighten the load on our systems.

Clearing mind, body & spirit of clutter, with beautiful clean whole foods, a strong focus on gut health and liver health (our first line of defence when it comes to detoxification) and daily devotional practices to soothe and regulate our nervous system, helping to creating a harmonious and balanced physical and metaphysical body.

bringing balance, health and vitality to body, mind and Spirit.

We will be allowing the body to press pause, and take a break from trying to digest difficult foods, detoxing our systems from the processed and synthetic, refined sugars, alcohol and gluten, and replacing these things with a diverse and beautiful range of deeply nourishing wholefoods, while fostering a daily practice of either Yoga, breath work, meditation or Qi-gong.

This is not the type of cleanse which leaves us low in energy through lack of sustenance, rather, we will be lovingly nourishing ourselves into a healing state of cellular repair & homeostasis.

Digestive health, sleep, energy, immunity, skin, hair and more are all vastly improved when we commit to nurturing our bodies in this way.

This is also an energetic cleanse.


There will be a daily energy practice, which will be either a Yoga class, a breath work session, a guided meditation, or a qi-gong session.

These will be offered live at 06:30am, and will also be recorded and added to a private Facebook group so you can access it later in the day if you can't make the live session.


while we are raising the frequency of our bodies by eliminating low vibrational foods, and replacing with high energy foods, filled with vital life force, we will also make time to soften and regulate our nervous systems.


The more clear & calm we feel, the less likely we are to be drawn to comfort eating, snacking for the sake of it, or reaching for foods which aren't aligned with your best health.

Whilst we all rely on our devices to some degree, it's a good time to try to cut down on 'scrolling' while we do our best to declutter the body, mind & spirit.


You will receive:

• A comprehensive recipe & cooking guide.

• A shopping list

• Daily practice - (yoga, breath work, meditation, qi-gong)

• Pre cleanse advice

• Post cleanse advise

• Access to a private WhatsApp group.

Welcome pack containing some suggested supplemental products.     (find out more about this here)

The cleanse will be suitable for vegans and meat eaters alike, options will be given for both.

I have designed this plan to be accessible, manageable, varied and delicious!  -  but please keep in. mind that as we are eating real fresh foods, there will need to be time spent cooking and preparing your meals.

•Take advantage of my beautiful Winter Wellness Bundle and add the utterly blissful day retreat onto your detox plan•

This cleanse follows my Winter Blissening day retreat, and those who book both the day retreat and the cleanse will be able to take advantage of the discounted Winter wellness bundle.

Investment -

Temple cleanse only

'Winter wellness bundle' day retreat & cleanse £199.99 (instead of £211)

**all orders are final, no refunds will be given, although products can be transferred over to a different person**

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