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Now Available to order!

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    Eeeeek!! Something new and divinely delicious your way comes!


    And I'm so excited to finally be able to announce that its finally here!

    F o r e s t F l o o r

    This has been lurking around as an idea for around 2 years, and now it’s time!!

    So what is  F o r e s t F l o o r ??

    F o r e s t F l o o r  is going to be a capsule for many things which embody the sacred essence of the Forest (so many ideas downloading).., but the first thing it’s going to be, is this……

    A luxury skincare system, made in small batches, with a diverse range of pure, natural & deeply nourishing ingredients sourced from exotic plants from all over our beautiful Earth, prized for millennia for their benefits.

    The ethos behind this system, is that this enriching, skin nutrient dense, set of products, will care deeply for our skin, nourishing it at a cellular level with carefully selected ingredients, whilst simultaneously, positively impacting our nervous system & mood, with use of the purest and most potent essential oils, proven not only to be powerfully healing for the skin, but also for our emotional health - this is the most beautiful alchemy.

    I wanted this range to be like ‘Forest bathing’ in skincare form - that was the idea ‘seed’.
    Inviting in the intelligent wisdom of the plant kingdom to nurture us on every level - as with everything I create, looking always at the whole, Mind, Body & Soul.

    As somebody who loves life itself to be an altar, I wanted this offering to be a moment of ceremony, ritual, a daily chance to slow down, and to immerse in some of the loving self care, which we all need and deserve - all while making that skin beautifully hydrated, dewy and glowy and fresh looking.

    And ultimately for this skincare ritual to evoke the nourishing cloak of calm, tranquil nurture which envelops me when I stand barefoot in the forest, connected intrinsically to Mother nature.
    Bringing the sacred essence of the Forest into our self care.


    So what's in the box?


    You will receive a true trio of treasures!


    1 x 30ml bottle of Citrus & Herb Sunrise Cleanse

    1 x 30ml bottle of Blossom & Trees Sunset Cleanse

    1 x 50ml Bottle of Drops of Gaia - Luxury elixir

    1 x 100% natural organic cotton facecloth

    1 x Jade Gua Sha stone tool.

    I will also be including also be including a QR code which will direct you to a demonstration video.


    So all you need to do is give yourself a few moments each day to breath, be still, and nurture your divine self.

    Investment £55.55 plus delivery

    (booking page will automatically add delivery costs, if you are local and wish to collect your box, then please be sure to uncheck the delivery box and click collect)

    Big love to you 

    Claire Xx

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