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Radiantly Rested

Marma mini

This sweet offering is a scaled down version of the Radiantly rested sensory experience.

this is a 60 minute session, which will include some aroma-breath (soothing breath work supported by the purest essential oils) to settle you into the space.

Followed by the luxurious energy medicine of warmed Aromatherapy oil Ayurvedic Indian head massage.

(head, shoulders, arms & hands)

A beautiful therapeutic and intuitive hands on healing, punctuated with deliberate palpation of Marma points (act-points), to support the bodys innate healing systems.

This is both an invigorating and deeply calming experience.

Available dates below:

Tues 12th Sept - 1pm-2pm

Tues 26th August - 1pm-2pm

Please select your date on booking screen.
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