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A Winters Dream - Winter Solstice Softening

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Come and press pause on all of the busyness of this season, slow all the way down, and nurture and nourish your exquisite nervous system as we navigate the supercharged energy of the festive season.

Re think the rush culture & join me for an evening, to unfurl into profound relaxation, with the soft magic of candlelit Yin yoga, meditation & sound healing.

We will begin our evening with a warming and soothing herbal infusion to drink.

Candlelight and soft binaural tones will fill the air as we celebrate the turning of the wheel, and welcome in the darker months.

We welcome in the darker months, tapping in to our own intrinsic mirroring of the yin seasons, and concept of rest and rebirth.

An evening of pure enchanted softness.

• Opening tea ceremony

• Gentle elemental yin yoga.

•Tantric meditation & breath.

• Enchanting sound crystal bowl & gong sound bath.

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