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Essential Oils

Pure, potent plant energy.



Welcome to my Oily world!

If you are here, chances are I've introduced you to an oil or 2, or perhaps you are simply curious about these potent bottles about which I rattle on!

These pure, vibrant, powerful plants essences are deeply infused into every strand of my wellbeing.

These Living bottles of Earth wisdom, support mine and my families health on every level, physically, emotionally and energetically.

These are my home apothecary, we use them for pretty much everything!

In essence, just a core selection of these oils can support our health naturally, both proactively and reactively.


Creating daily habits which will positively impact our health & wellbeing, and responding to discomfort on both and physical an emotional level.

Natural support for:

Digestive issues.







Seasonal threats and moderate allergies.

Toxin free cleaning.

Skin care.


And all of this before I've touched on my deepest Love of using these oils as friends to support my Spiritual practices, working with them on deeper levels during meditation, ceremony, yoga and breathwork, is truly a profoundly beautiful thing.

This is a journey which I will be forever grateful that I stepped into, and I would love for you to join me.

In whichever capacity resonates with you, support for a specific complaint, dabbling in a few oils as a treat, creating a tweakable wellness package to be delivered monthly, and enjoying the generous Loyalty rewards, sharing to earn a bit towards your own purchases, or stepping in as a business owner to build yourself an income.

Doterra as a company have proven to be the most Humanitarian, ethical, transparent and heart led company I have ever encountered, their utter commitment to purity with rigorous external testing ensures our safety, incredible charity work and 'give back' ethos -  its beautiful and I'm incredibly proud to be a steward for these natural remedies.

I have seen these oils bring to much joy and healing through the years - I happily support and educate every member of my tribe in all aspects of this journey - simply get in touch for a free chat about your specific needs, or hop on to my site to shop, or join my tribe.

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