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A beautifully nourishing practice to create Harmony in body & mind.

The gentle but powerful flowing hypnotic movements in this practice, help to energise the body, clear emotional stress and keep the mind calm and clear.

A moving meditation.

Exploring our range of motion, we clear lines of tension, freeing us to move without constriction.

We build strength, mobility and flexibility in the body and mind, while cultivating Vitality and replenishing our vital life force energy.

Systematically moving to allow the free flow of Qi around the body, reinforcing our immunity, energy levels, sleep patterns, digestion and more.

45 minute classes are £11.50 drop in or save when booking a 4 week block at £10 per class.

This class is being run in conjunction with Sunrise Studio and is booked through the Sunrise website, the below link will redirect you there - 50% is paid upon booking and the remaining 50% paid to me upon arrival.

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