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Sunday 30th April 2023, 0900hrs - 1130hrs - via Zoom

(this event will be recorded for those who can't make it live)

Join me loves, for this sacred online Ceremonial space, to celebrate the auspicious day of Beltane, the midway point between Spring Equinox.


I am usually called to hold these sacred spaces, where we lean softly into the loving energy of plant medicines, during the times of the shifting of the wheel, these liminal moments in the year which hold the most energetic potency.

Beltane is a wonderful energy of beautiful fertility and abundance, during Spring Equinox the shifts in season are more subtle and new, by the time Beltane arrives with us, Spring time and the bursting forth of life is evident all around us .

We sink into ceremony and blissful calm, connecting with Earth medicine and the sweet remembering of the magic of our oneness with all of creation, our innate

connection to everything which exists.

We join together to soften our edges and take refuge in stillness, shelter from the storm of our hectic modern lives and find spacious inner peace and states of harmony.

Settle comfortably into your meditation nest, in the comfort of your own home, camera on or off, your choice - and allow the outside world to blur out of focus as I guide us gently through the different stages of ceremony.

















We open in a connecting, Heart opening Cacao ceremony, deepening our connection to the Earth.

We then drift gently into a guided meditation, softly quietening the senses, we descend further inwards.

With senses calmed, soothed and softened, we then find beautiful expansive spaciousness in the body, with a tender Aroma-breath journey, working consciously with the power of our own tides of breath,  supported and amplified by the potent intelligence of the essential oil blends.​


These ceremonies are deeply restorative, a reset for the nervous system.

Soothing, calming and lulling us into a soft state of stillness, and blissful spaciousness

The antidote to our stressful busy worldthese practices invite us to land gently back into our bodies.

Harmonising and journeying gently through the realms of Mind, Body & Spirit.

There are a  couple of options for you my loves.

During the ceremony we will be drinking ceremonial cacao and using pure essential oils to amplify our breath work. 

Perhaps you arel already in relationship with Cacao & essential oils, and may prefer to use your own stocks - in which case the ticket only option is perfect for you.

(I will advise the 2 x oil blends I will be using ahead of the ceremony so you can either choose to match or flow with your own intuition)

If you don't tend to have Ceremonial Cacao in your cupboard or a stock of oils, the there is an add on option, choose this to have a single serving of Cacao (with instructions) and also 2 small vials of exquisite essential oil blends posted out to you ahead of time.


*all bookings are final, no refunds can be given, but spaces can be transferred to another person
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